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Wedding Day Videography: A Better WE (Same-Day-Edit)

And it all started from an ad many years ago when the m1 connecting tone was launched…

The following is a quote from Ryan’s interview:

“Despite her constant beatings and social abuse, Jessica always makes me happy. She taught me how to see life differently. You know, the simplest thing can make her happy and that to me is something I can learn from.
I am not always a very… positive person. I see alot of negatives in life. But she shows me that little things can turn into positive ones. And, that taught me alot. That’s something I like about her. I actually grew into a better person because of her.”

Ryan and Jessica complement each other, they function like best friends, and it is prevalent from the way they act around each other. They are madly comfortable in the midst of each other’s presence. We notice how their hands always seem to interlock within inches of each other.
It is undeniable that they have a special connection with each other and how they are unquestionably soul mates and life companions.

Most importantly, Ryan and Jessica have this magical ability to make each other better people.


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