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Wedding Day Videography: A celebration at home (Split-Day-Edit)

Amongst all the wonderful things that was said of Davis and Michelle, one that was echoed repeatedly was that of their hospitality. That, and how inclusive and warm they are. Unfailingly kind and sincere, we were made to feel welcome the moment we stepped in, and appreciated when it was time to leave.

Unlike most traditional weddings, Davis and Mish chose to hold their ceremony at home. Guests flew in from all over the world to join in the celebration, and with a little help from family and friends, the space was transformed into a beautiful garden setting, adorned with handmade decorations, fresh flowers and personalised favours. Dinner was a communal event, bringing together family members, friends and strangers. From serving the food to cleaning up after, everyone had a role to play, and everybody was more than happy to do it. Live band music and ice cream popsicles served up a relaxed vibe, and the backdrop was illuminated by the smiles of those gathered together. It was a beautifully intimate setting, where everyone had a genuine interest in conversing and eating together. Bonds were strengthened, friendships made; and at the heart of the celebration were Davis and Michelle, who provided for others by giving of themselves, and whom in return had been embraced with gratitude and love from those around them.

Fitting that the first day of the rest of their lives was celebrated at home. After all, home is where love abides, and home is what you make it to be.

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