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Overseas Wedding Day Videography: A peranakan wedding (Same-Day-Edit)

A little Nonya who grew up in the heart of Melaka and a Singapore city boy, the universe took a little while to bring Eileen and Julius together. By chance, both furthered their studies in Melbourne and came to have common friends, but never really noticed one another until a particular day when Eileen decided to wear an extemely eye catching hot pink track suit, and caught Julius’ attention for the first time. It was not the last.

A team of 6 in a cozy tiny car, team AndroidsinBoots marched into the heart of Melaka to document one of the most traditional Peranakan weddings ever experienced. A rich heritage preserved since the nineteenth century, we were immersed in the culture the Peranakans had to offer. Filled with extravagant Peranakan attire and jewelry, traditional food, song and dance, this was a wedding like none other. We had the privilege of witnessing traditions carried down, tasting home-cooked Peranakan food, photographing a traditional ancestral house and standing just a little too close to a lighted fire-cracker.

And amongst the crazy schedules, the celebrations, the drunk friends and the sentimentality, we felt the kinship of a family bonded in appreciation, empathy and love. A family who remembers their roots, who carry down traditions and emphasizes on the whole before self. A devoted family, blessed and beautiful. A family that’s enough.


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