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Pre-wedding Photography: Beyond The Doors.

Met in an Arts school, these comedic duo never thought they would end up together. He is a relaxed dude with a dream to be an urban farmer, she is the girl-next-door who thinks pirates are like the ones from the movie Pirates of the Carribean. She carries a handmade leather clutch hand-stitched by him. He has their photos framed in the handmade photo frames made by her. Together, they are funny, down-to-earth and slightly old-fashioned.

A shoot to capture their pre-wedding life, Kenneth and Sara envisioned it to be filled with greenery. Both belong to the great outdoors, and never liked posing incessantly for photographs. Two adorned vintage doors were then hauled into the woods, a symbol of the first step in building a home and placed amidst the serene woods we found. And that is all the backdrop we need for a couple that has all the respect and love for each other. Everything else is excessive.

Kenneth and Sara, a very uncomplicated couple. Sweet and easy are how it is with them, and that is how it should be. Love is never complicated.  And when you have seen them together, you can never imagine one without another.

This engagement shoot was nothing like we have done before. Together with Fiona the florist, we spent weeks driving around Singapore going through junks looking for the perfect doors that would weave their stories and the images perfectly.  However it was still too early to celebrate even when the perfect doors were found as the doors were so heavy that 3 strong men were required to carry them.  Out of desperation, we posted on our facebooks asking for help and the most beautiful thing happened. Friends started texting us saying that they could take a half day leave to help us. And without this team of 6 , this shoot really would not have been possible.  We are blessed.


Photography: AndroidsinBoots

Florist : Fiona Treadwell

MUA : Jolene Kong 










And some photos of behind the scene! The not so beautiful scenes to create the beautiful ones.


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