November 8, 2016 Androidsinboots

Hong Kong Wedding Styled shoot: Beyond the Fog


With Tai Mo Shan anchoring the backdrop of a cold February morning, our first ever styled shoot collaboration with some of the finest wedding folks in Hongkong was an otherworldly affair- featuring instagrammers @mmm1122 and @ngaichakchak who will be tying the knot next year.

With the fog organically setting a mythical undertone to its landscape, gowns by Noel chu Atelier and Cocoon Bridal shimmered subtly against the dusk, while florals by Hahahaflorist added a tinge of vibrance amidst somber cool hues. Each detail was handpicked to create an ethereal and mysterious scene; from vintage accessories by Down the Aisle Atelier, table elements by MATCH event production and a framed backdrop from Amen Florist & Decor, to elegant calligraphy by Words and Ribbons and a copper-dusted cake by A Legna Pâtisseries.

Beautifully captured by AndroidsinBoots, this gorgeous shoot exudes grandeur, charm- and just a slight hint of enchantment.
Concept and  Planning: Wedfolks
Photographer:  AndroidsinBoots
Videographer: Bozz Wedding
Model: @mmm1122 & @ngaichakchak
Table decoration/backdrop setup: MATCH event production  & Amen Florist & Decor
Blue wedding gown: Noel chu Atelier
White vintage wedding gown: Cocoon Bridal
Tuxedo: Benjamin barker 
Florist for bride’s bouquet, ring and bracelet: Hahahaflorist
Paper florist: Paper Play Design
Calligraphy: Words and Ribbons
Cake: A Legna Pâtisseries
Hair accessories and accessories: Down the Aisle Atelier
Bow tie: Novios Design Studio

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