Vietnam 2016


In early March this year, we moved into a bigger space nested between rows of old, musky industrial buildings in the heart of Balestier. Gone was the jostling for elbow space, but as our team grew, the pranks remained – only this time it became increasingly brazen.
To celebrate yet another milestone crossed, we took our wanderlusting souls along in our pockets and headed to the vibrant city of Hanoi. While Bali was, without a doubt, an incredibly fun getaway, we decided that this August, it was time to head down a road less travelled. Caught between fascinating cultural sights and a tangle of narrow laneways, all framed by a kinetic river of traffic – we immersed ourselves into everything this compelling city had to offer.
Halfway through our retreat, we took an overnight train ride down to Sapa. As bumpy as the ride was, it didn’t stop us from making it enjoyable. There we were, all 8 of us squeezing into a cramped cabin, entertained by our favourite card games and snacking throughout the night. It was cold upon arriving at Sapa the very next day, but when we arrived at our destination, we were overwhelmed by a stunning expanse of surrounding wildness – a view we don’t get to wake up to every day.
As time goes by, we continue to celebrate this ever-growing family by keeping to traditions. It is with travelling together that strengthens our bonds and keeps us constantly passionate about what we do, taking time to unclutter and seek a refreshed outlook on life – and these elements are what embodies us as a collective.
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