Bali 2015


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When we first started out, moving into our humble little office was an achievement in itself, much less growing into a team. But here we are now, jostling for elbow space and playing pranks on each other- and it is a milestone worth celebrating.


This August thus marked our very first annual company retreat. Taking our wanderlusting souls along in our pockets, we dived straight into the heart of enchanting Bali, away from the frenzies of our sunny city. Don’t get us wrong; we love our jobs and we’re immensely passionate about what we do. But like most individuals, the need to unclutter and seek a refreshed outlook on life every once in awhile keeps us whole, and we yearn to discover new things with our own eyes.


As days went on, we immersed ourselves in nature’s salty bath and basked in the summer heat, sharing stories and learning little details about each other. We rejoiced and endured as one. Climbing Mount Batur was a significant highlight of the trip; it was a first for most, and arduous to say the least. Nevertheless, we guided each other through every step, sharing jackets, jokes and words of encouragement. And when we reached the peak, half-numbed by the cold, we were overwhelmed by the view of the sunrise- treasured more so for the bonds that was strengthened between us.


From photographers to writers, cinematographers to designers, we celebrate this family by learning different crafts and achieving different milestones. As our company grows, the people grow with it. This thus marks the start of a new tradition, one we’ll look forward to in time to come.

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Melbourne Pre-wedding Promotion 2015

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The trip to Melbourne last Autumn was a rather memorable one. We left the guidebooks behind and strayed off into the beaten path, drove 4 hours out into Bright and witnessed the most amazing golden hues. We attended a comedy festival, had the best Pho in a hole in the wall and went for a barbecue gathering with new friends.
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Silver Christmas


A little something about us- we believe in the beauty of tradition and things long forgotten.


An Androids tradition is to always host a good Christmas party, even if it means working a little harder during our busiest period.
We are always documenting moments for others, and watching them re-live the memories is a wonderfully rewarding feeling. So once in a while, we take the time to create our own little memories and traditions that would be passed down the years. This Christmas, with the addition of new folks into our team, we transformed our office into a homely setting. We decided to build a teepee, and spent our days sourcing and cutting wood to build our structure with. We tied it up with twine and draped moroccan-inspired fabric and tulle before stringing fairy lights and snowflakes around it. We hung Christmas stockings stitched with our names and placed our brown-packaged presents under the tree.

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