Here are some of Felicia’s pre-wedding + actual-day wedding photography works.


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Felicia believes in creating works that portray and evoke
emotional responses. She views sentiment as being human and
embraces all facets in life- love, amazement, hate, indifference
and everything in between. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
is her favourite film and she enjoys creating with her hands.
Felicia is a free spirit who would sell her clothes to travel-
but’ll prefer to have both.

Also loves cats and coconuts.


Instagram: @feliciaquah


Wedding Day Stop Motion Engagement Styled Shoots
Alex + Rachel
Junjie + Eunice
Gabriel + Cheryl
Kat + Weijie
Jon + Charmaine
Kane + Suferne
Eugene + Sarah
Lynn + Danny
Lucas + Nicole
Darren + Sophia (Morocco)
Nigel + Nicole (New Zealand)
The Spaces In Between
Railway Romance
Decadence of Decay


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