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Pre-wedding Filmlet: Home

Blood is thicker than water. It is an undeniable fact, that can never be demolished through popular culture or social conditioning. We all start and end with family, the people who have seen you at your worst and celebrated with you at your best. The ones we turn to after each and every heartache, the ones who walk us down the aisle.

As children, we used to think that we were unique. We harbored the thought of being drastically different from the others. We pride ourselves on the things that sets us apart. Growing up, we begin to notice and accept the fact that there are countless similarities within us and our family members. Similarities that give us an identity and sense of belonging.

Through the informal interviews and conversations, we take a peek into Nicholas and Teresa’s lives and find out more about who they were as children, as siblings and as lovers. Interestingly, these are the things that we might not even know about our closest friends or partners. We feel privileged to be able to get so close to them, documenting and telling their stories.

“As much as we enjoy creating pretty or glamorous work, we seek honesty in the things that we create. Creating works that represent who the subjects are will always remain our highest priority as we believe that this is the only way of creating documentations that is truly unique and irreplaceable.”


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