Here are some of Jinghui’s pre-wedding + actual-day wedding photography works.


Jinghui is a perpetual dreamer who’s constantly intrigued by
the world, how things work and why people act the way they do.
She finds joy in creating works that evoke the most subtle of
responses, ones seen only in the quietest of moments – and hopes
to one day, through her works, narrate stories of individuals
and their lives in a way words cannot.

A natural consequence she is happiest when alone and surrounded
by strangers, she enjoys travelling and is slave to her cats.


Instagram: @ohjinghui


Wedding Day Engagement Overseas
Randall + Pearlyne
Guozheng + Suemaine
Ronald + Gina
James + Cheryl
Jonathan + Samantha
Caleb + Cindy
Mark + Hayden
Joel + Jaclyn
Gibson + Faith


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