Here are some of Laimin’s pre-wedding + actual-day wedding videography works.


Laimin stumbled into the creative industry unknowingly and
has never looked back since then. Despite her small stature,
within her lies the insatiable hunger to learn and absorb
anything that comes her way. She believes that every person
has a wealth of history behind them and it contains the many
wonderful and delicate memories she would like to convey using
her works as a medium. She embraces the unorthodox and has an
alternate thought process.Do not be fooled by her thick eyeliner which may elude you into
thinking she is a serious person – you can usually hear her
before you see her.Instagram: @tlimemint


Wedding Day Engagement
Leonard + Feixue
Jerald + Joanna
Calvin + Sara
Barnet + Cheryl
Suriya + Xinqi
Glenn + Bertilla (Brisbane Overseas Prewed)
Alex + Jaslyn
Pedro + Audrey (Hongkong Overseas Prewed)
Zhihan + Suetyen

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