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Pre-Wedding Photography: 一见钟情

Marriage is one of life’s biggest events. When two lovebirds come together in matrimony, a new chapter unveils. Every couple is special to us and we place utmost importance in getting to know them better. The featured couple, Lin & Gou Ping, are both from China and they met through a mutual friend. Lin is a teacher, while Gou Ping is an engineer.

During the first meet up, I casually asked Gou Ping how was it like when he met Lin for the first time. The groom fidgeted a little in his seat and told me that it was ” 一见钟情 “, which basically means “love at first sight” in Mandarin. I noticed that his eyes lit up with the slight mention of Lin, which was priceless to witness. He seemed confident in his speech, but the slight fidgeting gave him away. He was undeniably in love.

He told me that it was crucial that they should have a shot in the Starbucks at The Esplanade. Apparently, it holds strong significance to the couple. Like you guessed, that particular cafe was where everything began.

In all honesty, it definitely wasn’t an easy task for me as the interior of Starbucks at The Esplanade wasn’t particularly well-furbished. In addition to our misery, the staff didnt allow us to take any photographs inside. (As if it wasn’t tough in the first place) Despite the restrictions, I managed to take that priceless shot effortlessly as the couple looked so at ease with each other.

The sun was pretty much unforgiving the moment we reached the next location, The Botanic Gardens. It became increasingly difficult to photograph them as they felt uncomfortable due to the scorching sun. especially when they are shy individuals to begin it. It was quite a challenge to get them to display their affection for each other in my presence. Hence, I decided to switch my wide angle camera lens to telephoto lens to photograph them from a distance (I feel like a stalker sometimes)

Before “making myself scarce”, I whispered to Gou Ping to ask him to recall his first date with Lin in Starbucks and tell her how he felt on that day. This was precisely how I managed to capture my personal favourite shot of the day. (1st shot)



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