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Wedding Day Videography: Our Sources (Split-Day-Edit)

Though the rain was heavy, and the weather was cold, I felt warm. From the inside.
Heart felt words was exchanged over the blessing and laughter of only those close to their heart.
There was something very beautiful and intimate about Shawn’s vow. Though it had been months since the weddings was over, I could still resonate with his words whenever I watched this video. Perhaps,through little experience like this, through the beautiful love we captured, we learn a little bit more about love.
I would really like to thank this beautiful couple for including me in this beautiful journey. May the both of you have a blissful and happy marriage which I am very sure it would be.

“I once told you that you are simply good, that was five years ago.
Since, I have come to witness your many other virtues, but I maintain that goodness defines you. And it is this quality together with your strength that are the key sources of our relationship. I will always care for those who you care for, I will always write for you as long as you promise to cook for me. You are the best thing that happened to me, you are the butter to my bread. So lets grow old, fat , ugly and bald. Together.

As with all journey, we must be reminded of our sources. As we reached this milestone, my gift is the un-withering commitment to you and your loved ones.
As we know marriage is never just about the two people in love, more importantly I take this on at this stage when i try to be a source in your life. As i write, I am also rightfully reminded of the sources of our relationship. Dewi, whenever two people come together, it’s never easy, it shouldn’t be easy. We have come a long way and I won’t take for granted for what has been granted to me. With this, I dedicated my life and my love with all its luminous to ours. Together ahead through the bad, the good and the ugly. Come what may.”


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