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Pre-Wedding Filmlet: Ryan+Jessica

The quirky couple met while filming a television commercial, introduced via a mutual friend. She was late and he was getting increasingly annoyed and frustrated at her punctuality issues, not knowing that she was not aware about the reporting time. Overall, both parties had a terrible first impression of each other.
Nevertheless, the bad impressions did not stay anchored for long and the hyperactive couple has been together for 5 long years.

We met Ryan and Jessica over a warm cuppa and discussed about the pre-wedding photoshoot. The couple initially wanted to do something comfortable and Korean-ish. However, they saw a shot from us (from a prior wedding) and decided to have the shoot on the beach. It was tough in the beginning as they were both slightly bothered about the humid weather. Ryan has heat rash easily and Jessica, like most women, wanted to look refreshed and pretty during the shoot.

The weather was bad and they decided to take a break and do a spontaneous interview, reminiscing about their relationship together. Both Ryan and Jessica are vocal in their different ways. Ryan is noticeably reserved yet thought-provoking about his answers, while Jessica is very animated and expressive.

There were absolutely no cuts or NGs.


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