Wedding Day Videography: When We Fall In Love (Split-Day-Edit)


It was during the church service when Ariel expressed her heartfelt gratitude towards her parents and how much she wishes that her father could be here with her on her wedding day. I noticed how her mum, brother, sister and closest friends began to tear.

It was the first time we saw Ariel’s emotions run free.

Believing in finding beauty in sorrow, we attempted to capture that precious moment and her words. Ariel’s silhouette was back-lit by the beautifully handcrafted tinted window, as she spoke about her late father. At that very moment, I felt a deep sense of peacefulness in my heart, knowing that her prayers are heard.

There certainly wasn’t a dry eye in the room when the video was played during the wedding banquet. Her shaky, trembling voice was enough to churn up the feelings of those who knew her father, whom I believe was a great, loving father and husband. I can’t express my emotions in another fashion, but it was undeniably a heart-warming sight for us, knowing that we had created something that was extremely dear to them.

This documentation is not simply based on the memories of Dong and Ariel, but also the memories of the people close to their hearts.
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Wedding Day Videography: Promises, We Make (Same-Day-Edit)


Kamal and Nicole were both studying overseas when they met through a mutual friend. Coincidentally, they were both back on vacation and had the opportunity to let their attraction towards each other blossomed into something, more.

Kamal never felt the urgency to propose as he strongly believed that love does not need a status or name to it. Besides, marriage has never hit him as they were together for a long time – you don’t need marriage to anchor love.

They dated for over a decade before Kamal popped the question.

Kamal is a confident man that has a less solemn personality that radiates from his cheeky and ever-changing expressions. Even so, according to Nicole, she could tell that he was feeling the jitters the day before their wedding day. He said to her before they parted, “It’s finally coming.” Showing signs of excitement even though he is usually very composed and fearless.

The one thing that I found out is that Kamal & Nicole have always felt that the marriage is simply a formal representation of their love, and not being bounded by love itself. And that couples can go without marriage and feel blissfully complete in love itself. Isn’t it beautiful?

A blessed marriage is stemmed upon the deliverance of responsibilities and vows that you make to each other on your wedding day. As they always say, wedding is only a one day ceremony, but marriage is a lifelong commitment. You need more to go beyond the days.
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