Pre-Wedding Photography: Theo + Josh



Theo and Josh came down our place one month before their wedding day, ” We are so late only because we were taking a long time and we couldn’t find a vendor that both of us could agree on, until we chanced upon you guys.”

And this is the mark of the start of a beautiful journey.


Before everything session, I would ask couples for 2 words to describe the style they want for their set.

They chose “Timeless” and “Dreamy” .

Therefore in this shoot I combined digital and film photography, using mainly Kodak Portra 400  and Fuji 400H  films to achieve that.

Can you spot the difference?
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Pre-Wedding Photography: We rule the night.

We spent the afternoon at the beach with Michelle and Edwin, soaking in the glorious sun and feeling the breeze caress our skin from time to time.

At the end of the day, we decided to have a good meal together to mark the end of our little adventure. Michelle and Edwin continued to amaze us with their energy and spontaneity. After all, it was a good workout that allowed the newly weds to meet in their polytechnic days. Like most young couples, Michelle and Edwin takes pleasure in having fun together, between intimate conversations and warm affection.

We believe that it must have been a meal that started it all.

After all, meals are meant for cultivating intimacy between people. The connection between a couple often happens when they share hearty conversations over countless meals. The romantic lovey-dovey feeling of feeding each other across the table, wiping gravy stains off each other or even getting a little doozy after a couple of drinks. Restaurant menus start to get strangely familiar, like how two hands feel when clasped together in unison.

The newly weds shared a dance right in the middle of the fairly-empty diner, laughing and being immensely comfortable with each other.

Who would have ever known.. that such ordinary places, would soon become sacred?
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