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Wedding Day Photography: The Carnival – where merry people unite

Before you start checking out the rest of the pictures (and getting a visual orgasm), this was exactly how the night ended.

With a little magic potion called “Beer” , it completely brought the child out of Roger and Stephanie. The newly weds practically ran to every single game station with the superb energy of a hyperactive child. It definitely was not a breeze trying to keep up with them with more than 10kg of camera equipment.

Fortunately for me, I had a little magic potion for myself as well.

And yes, I do believe that this is precisely how all weddings should end. Being blissfully drunk in happiness.

The newly weds were literally panting and motionless for awhile, and I do mean awhile.

All of Stephanie’s bridesmaids specially flew down from Hongkong just to grace the wedding event.

The preparation room was filled with infectious laughter and lovely Cantonese conversation.

Quite frankly, I felt like I was back in Hongkong all over again -reminiscing my entire experience from a month long backpacking trip in Hongkong just a week before Roger and Stephanie’s wedding. Hongkong had certainly won my heart and… my love for the country should be displayed in another blog post. haha


A short cam-whoring session for the boys before the official gatecrashing commences.

The boys were fully prepared for any challenges that the bridesmaids will eventually bestow upon them.

One of the obstacles Roger had to go through during gatecrashing ; To be able to care for an infant.

It was indeed an hilarious sight to witness the groom trying to force the entire bottle into the (fake) infant’s mouth.

Reading a love declaration note to Stephanie – lovingly written by the bride and her bridesmaids!

Grooving to a catchy Korean song, which goes….. “I want nobody nobody but you! “

Bet you guys are wildly familiar with this number!

” I am loaded! Let me in! “

Funny how being brutally shameless would actually work in his favor in regards to gatecrashing. All in the name of fun and laughter.

In between the gatecrashing process, I snuck into the room where the bride would be waiting nervously in and managed to document a moment of complete bliss.

Stephanie was grinning from ear to ear, watching her soulmate perform funny requests from the bridesmaids through her smartphone.

At this very moment, I could sense a wave of happiness radiating from her facial expressions. Nothing that words can ever express.


The cheeky bride demanding kisses from her man after he managed to get through all the gatecrashing obstacles, as the crowd cheered on with glee.


You can obviously tell that the beyond adorable baby Lucas is a major fan of the film, Toy Story.

He was such a joy to be around with, seen lugging his favorite toys around the room and giving me an occasional cheeky smile.

Oh, and presenting his favorite (and much needed, I suppose) baby diapers to Stephanie as his wedding gift was extremely generous of him.


Found Stephanie secretly soaking in the warm sun rays through the window, probably collecting her wave of thoughts and calming those nerves before dinner commenced. There are times when brides get a little jittery before the actual wedding dinner, rehearsing their speeches for the millionth time and making sure every single detail of the wedding has been perfected.

It was indeed a beautiful day with a glorious sunset, as if to congratulate the newly weds on tying the knot as one.

Roger came back from his round of preparations, and proceeded to join his sweetheart for some warm cuddling and smooching on the couch. The couple was completely unaware that I was still watching them from another room, as they were engrossed with private conversation and intimacy.

Being a photographer, it is part of my job to get people to pose for pictures. However, I am also constantly on a lookout for good photography opportunities. The ones that are raw and unpretentious. The most satisfying part of what I do is documenting the exact same picture without the exchange of words or gestures between my subjects, capturing emotions in its purest and most genuine form.


Using my favourite dinosaurs that I bought from Hongkong to feature Roger and Stephanie’s wedding rings.

Personally, I thought that the dinosaurs would fit in seamlessly with the whole carnival theme that the newly weds planned for their wedding.

What is a carnival without a bouncing castle!? Oh, I love this quirky couple already.

And I finally found out that Roger was not kidding when he mentioned that he would be bringing a python to the party

The groom definitely has an obsession with snakes and his eyes practically lit up with joy after describing his love for the reptiles to me. He was telling me (rather amicably) how there are only 3 legal snake charmers in Singapore and he managed to hire one of them to the wedding party.

Quite frankly, I am not a huge fan of reptiles, so no thanks to hooking the snake around me!


And the big kids decided to join in the fun!

Another highlight in the party, which brought forth many courageous men and women.

We had a whole lot of fun, especially with semi-intoxicated participants (who were exceptionally happy) around us.

Needless to say, I was one of the rare few that hit the maximum target, photographers are strong people mind you.

After all, we are required to carry tons of camera equipment around for 10-20 hours almost every weekend! Hunky men, we are!

If my memory has not failed me, Roger sang the song, ” Love at the first degree” for the small audience.

The newly weds were probably huge mambo fans back in their younger dating days I suppose. What a fun, catchy song!

“Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness. ” -Oliver Wendell Holmes

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