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Wedding Day Videography: To Forever Together (Same-Day-Edit)

This is the story about a married couple getting married.
Having stayed together under the same roof before marriage,
Lanny and Shawn shared with us about their “marriage” as they revealed the quirks and worst habits of each other.

When two people come together, especially when under the same roof it is never easy. You begin to see the not-so-pretty sides of each other. In Lanny and Shawn’s case, farting(the smelly sort) care-freely is one of the many. They were sharing so much bad habits that a fair bit of filtering was required and we could only include a few.

Instead of fighting endlessly, Lanny and Shawn celebrated their differences. They accept and embrace the quirks of each other.
It is not difficult to understand why this duo is getting married as they finish each other sentences and make fun of each other endlessly. It certainly felt more like a post-wedding shoot than a pre-wedding shoot for us.

At the end of the day it is important to remember; it’s the little things that make a relationship last in the long run.
Love is the bad, as well as the better, not lived alone, but a journey together.


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