November 26, 2013 Androidsinboots

Pre-Wedding Filmlet: When We Were Young

In the recent year, we have many couples who didn’t want a childhood montage, yet would often make one because the elderly would prefer so. The birth of this concept video is our attempt to make childhood montage more engaging and more entertaining, by having both Marcus and Jelinda’s parents to tell funny stories when they were little.

Because we know all parents could go on forever when they are telling stories of their little ones when going through the old albums.

Through this production, we got to know their families as well as their childhood stories which enable us to document a beautiful pre-wedding family documentary.
We like to thank both of them for letting us into their “worlds” even though that also meant having us know their embarrassing childhood stories.

“When we were young,
we adored the fabulous.
When we were young,
we were the foolish fearless.
When we were young,
we didn’t know it wouldn’t last.”


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