March 17, 2013 Androidsinboots

Wedding Day ROM: Kiang Meng & Hui Hui

Prior to the wedding solemnization, I got to know the Kiang Meng on a personal level as he is a close buddy of William, the videographer of AndroidsinBoots. The groom had placed absolute trust in the work I have done wholeheartedly. And conversations after, we were strangers no more.

It was a simple solemnization done in the intimacy and warm comfort of home with the companionship of their families and best friends. We decided to head out after the ceremony to roam around the area and have a fun photoshoot ourselves! Somehow along the way, I decided to let our spontaneity take us to another level. This led me into documenting the most interesting picture of the day – an impromptu shot of the newly weds posing beside a man who was grooming the grass patch near the solemnization location.

To be honest, it took me some time before I plucked up the courage to approach the tall dark stranger. Maybe it was due to the fact that he was holding dangerous equipment that could potentially injure us if I were to sneak up on him. Not a good idea eh?

His trimming equipment made him look fierce and unapproachable in every aspect. However, it was quite the contrary when I approached him eventually. His shy smile and gentle stance surprised me as he nodded his head politely (I asked him for a quick picture) before continuing his work. I thought that it was extremely nice of him to remain at where he was standing and look oblivious without me asking. It wasn’t even slightly pretentious at all. Deep down inside, my heart swelled up with gratefulness for his kindness and generosity. I would have given him a warm hug if he wasn’t holding… that thing.


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