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Wedding Day Photography: Onson + Ya Cong

It was a pleasure to document the warm intimate wedding of the young couple, Onson and Ya Cong.

The couple met during their teens in junior college, and has been together ever since. Onson is from Hongkong and the lovebirds had a wedding celebration there before hosting one in Singapore with family and close friends.

Onson shared with me that he was attracted to Ya Cong’s loud personality (you could even hear her from a distance) Their friendship later blossomed into a relationship built on affection and trust, as Onson had to leave for his studies during the course of their relationship. This grueling separation happened during his time in Singapore Management University and they had to deal with the distance for quite a while. I saw how the couple tightened their grip on each other’s hands while they recollected their memories of that time. Nevertheless, the distance was a true test of their love for each other  and it was all worth it at the end of the day.

The couple is the first among their friends to get married and it was such a joy to document the gatecrashing scene. At the point of the wedding, the groom was still a student in SMU. Needless to say, their friends are young and extremely fun loving. I thought that it was hilarious that the groom’s army of men printed the groom’s face on the US note to please the bridesmaids during gatecrashing!

The young couple were together for 5-6 years, and they did not want to wait any longer to build a home together. They believed in the strength of their love for each other and not the practicality that the society has cast. I could feel their excitement when they told me that they would rather have a small intimate wedding, and not an expensive one, which they felt is more meaningful. That brought me to the realization that many couples seem to forget about the true meaning of weddings as they delve in the hustle and bustle of preparations. It was an intimate wedding and the couple spent a great deal of time handpicking the details. Most of the decorations were handmade by the bride and friends and the flowers were specially picked to suit the occassion.


There was a lot of sharing and laughter during the wedding as the couple prepared a list of things for their guests to say. Photobooths created a place for friends to goof around with some interesting props, like fake mustaches (like a sir!) I thought that it was an heartwarming sight to see how informal the bands were, as their friends performed for the couple. The second band’s lead singer is actually, Ya Cong’s best friend, and she would tell some funny stories about yacong (e.g.: The reason why she chose this song,the stories behind it etc)

It was a touching affair as the couple could relate to the songs entirely.

The newly weds had their first dance as husband and wife on stage, while their friends played on.


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