This is an overview of the destinations we will be travelling to in 2020.
We are also available to travel to any and every country, just drop us an email to find out more!


Can we travel to the above mentioned destinations beyond the specified dates/period?
The promotional prices listed are limited to the specified travel period. For other dates, please send us an enquiry.
Photographer’s airfare will be waived for the specified travel period.


What if my destination of choice is not listed?
For any other destinations, send in an enquiry and we’ll be happy to customize a package according to your preferences.


What are the benefits of signing up early?
Signing up early ensures you have more flexibility in choosing your dates. We also offer better prices limited to a certain number of sign ups per destination.


Do I have to book my own flight ticket and lodging?
All third-party cost is not included in the package and will be borne by you.


What are the other possible costs involved?
Possible external costs include transportation. This usually takes the form of car rental and fuel costs.


How do we plan the shoot concept and itinerary? How do I know where to stay or where to shoot?
Take it as a roadtrip with your friends who happen to be professional Photographers!
Our Photographer will meet the both of you before the trip to discuss in detail on your preferences :)


Do you provide gowns?
Our packages do not include gowns but you may head over to our vendor page (link here) to learn more about our ongoing promotions and tie-ups with our partners.


More questions for us?
Feel free to reach us at / (+65) 8787 5560 or make appointment with us at our studio to address your queries! Consultation is free :)


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