-8 hours photography
-Minimum 80 edited high res images
-Customized box set
-Photographers’ airfare and accommodation


Can we travel to the abovementioned destinations beyond the specified dates/period? What if my destination of choice is not listed? 

The promotional prices listed in the poster are limited to the specified travel period. For any other destinations or travel periods, send in an enquiry and we’ll be happy to customize your package according to your preferences.


What are the other possible costs involved?

Transportation. This usually takes the form of car rental and fuel costs.


How do we plan concept and itinerary? How do I know where to stay or where to shoot?

Prior to the shoot, we will meet with you to understand your schedule and preferences in greater detail. Based on your feedback, we will then proceed to recommend shooting locations and accommodation accordingly. We will also be happy to do the planning for you upon your request.


Do you provide gowns? 

Our packages do not include gowns but you may head over to our vendor page to learn more about our ongoing promotions and tie-ups with our partners.


What are the additional top ups required to engage a make-up artist*?

Bali: +SGD400

Taiwan: +SGD800

Hong Kong: +SGD600

Melbourne: +SGD800

Japan: +SGD1000

Paris: +SGD800

*includes 2 fresh makeup looks & hairdo

Feel free to enquire with us for the cost of makeup artists in other destinations.

Do I need a pre-wedding video?

A pre-wedding video reenacts the special moments in your relationship. While it’s not necessary, couples invest in a pre-wedding video because they want to share their story with their loved ones. It’s also a lot of fun for families and friends to watch at the wedding! Take a look at some of our overseas prewedding videos here: 

To Love and Be Loved

Gabriel + Cheryl


What if I want to top up extra hours?

Depending on the package you’ve signed up for, we try to arrange the itinerary in a way that fits nicely within the allotted time frame. Beyond that, an ala-carte hourly charge applies.


Can I use the voucher I won from the lucky draw for the overseas promotions?


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